Fiberglass is exactly what its name says it is: glass that has been woven into fibers. These glass fibers are heated until molten in a manufacturing plant and then stretched so fine that the completed woven product appears as a fluffy, cottonlike substance. It is this substance that we call insulation, which is then used to insulate our homes and businesses.

One of the most common insulation options offered by building and manufacturing companies is fiberglass. This long-lasting and tough material is used in most buildings and allows for temperature and acoustics control. In addition to insulating the home or building against outside climate changes, it also protects against moisture, pollen, mold and fire. Fiberglass insulation is often referred to as a batt, meaning a “piece of” insulation. Five Star Building Products LLC uses fiberglass batts from the Johns Manville manufacturing company and offers a selection of batts to choose from.

Types of fiberglass batts include:

  • Faced Batts: This type of precut fiberglass batt is useful for standard wall cavities and comes with a thick paper “face” attached to the fiberglass cushion. It is the most common insulation available.
  • Unfaced Batts: Similar to the faced batt, unfaced batts are made of precut fiberglass sheets used to cushion the inside of wall cavities. Unlike the faced batt, it does not have an attached paper “face”.
  • Encapsulated Batts: Wrapped in plastic for a dust and itch-free installation, this kind of batt is also precut to standard sizes and is easy to install in wall or ceiling cavities.

If you are interested in our fiberglass batt services in Orem and Hurricane, Utah, contact our contractor today at our business office and schedule an appointment to receive a quote.